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Tramadol HCl belongs to a group of analgesics. This drug is intended for the treatment of acute and chronic pain syndrome in various kinds of injuries, oncologic diseases, neuralgia and to alleviate pain in the postoperative period.
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Tramadol HCl is a colorless, sterile solution for injection, and has transparent watery consistency. The action of the drug is due to the presence of sodium acetate trihydrate and directly tramadol hydrochloride. Also, Tramadol HCl is used to relieve pain in the period of painful medical procedures and treatments.

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Tramadol HCl is in a group of narcotic opioid drugs and releases, mainly, on the doctor's prescription. But here you can buy Tramadol HCl without a prescription.


Tramadol HCl is contraindicated during pregnancy and lactation. Also contraindications relate to patients with impaired function of the respiratory tract and the people with increased intracranial pressure. Taking Tramadol HCl, you should consider the possibility of becoming addicted to the drug.

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